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wilmot |  26.10.2014, 04:23:15 |  kid286@juno.com =
hi sticky.wilmot here::i am looking for a schematic for a tascam cc-222sl mark2 and a marantz om200.if you can help please email to kid286@juno.com thanks wilmot 

Subhankar |  29.10.2013, 17:30:35 |  subhankar_1234ghosh@yahoo.in =
studiomaster pa 2.0 & pa 3.0 pcb schematic diagram 

John |  12.08.2013, 22:00:36 |  johnmmm@gmail.com = 56344078.rev.stofanet.dk
Great resource :-) 

Rylan |  05.08.2013, 17:00:25 |  rylan.white@gmail.com = adsl-99-155-194-46.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net
I was going to make some joke about "you owe me money" and you never answer the phone number you posted after noon. It sounded funnier in my head. Oh well forget the joke, give me 3234623 schematics and we'll call it even. 

Mark Tidridge |  07.06.2013, 11:28:28 |  jeditid1973@yahoo.co.uk = webdefence.cluster-a.forcepoint.net
I'm looking for a manual and schematic for Studiomaster Proline Gold 16-4-8 as the Right Main Out channel is not working and I think Sub Mixes 1 and 2 have a fault somewhere.Have a Mixdown manual and want to find the Proline Gold. Any help of guidance most welcome.Had it working for a while then it stopped and the sound is incredible so want to repair it, it's too good to sell on ! 

Dave |  08.04.2013, 00:05:29 |  daneithercottr@gamil.com = c-71-225-238-205.hsd1.pa.comcast.net
does anyone have a schematic for the original ART Pro Channel, NOT the pro channel ii 

Tim |  11.01.2013, 12:04:12 |  timshelton79@gmail.com = static-69-73-35-138.knology.net
I am looking to build a Mesa Throttle Box, Does anyone know where I can get a schematic? 

Admin |  20.04.2012, 14:34:29 |  info@audioschematics.dk  www.MicroSonic.dk = 563474d1.rev.stofanet.dk
Sorry no. But if I find anything I will let you know :-) 

steven |  16.04.2012, 11:32:25 |  nevetsnala@hotmail.com = 58-7-183-166.dyn.iinet.net.au
Do you have or know where i can get the schematic and parts manual for HK audio pr:o 15X passive speaker. This site is a great idea well done. 

Ryan |  02.08.2010, 14:06:13 |  RyanLR@Yahoo.com = 76-14-34-65.sf-cable.astound.net
This is a great site! Good stuff and I like the FREE downloads. Electronic schematics should always be FREE!/Ryan 

Ron L. |  21.07.2010, 17:23:54 |  ronnieL1940@yahoo.com = vl1349.ar15-08.ekb.ru.mirasystem.net
Great site - Love this! Keep up the good work! 

Ollie |  13.06.2010, 13:04:33 |  ollie@gmail.com  http://www.GlobalMarketingOnline.eu =
Fantastic!!! I've been looking for a place like this! I have a lot of old gear and no manuals. I found several including schematics for my beloved Binson!Thanks! 

Admin |  08.02.2010, 10:40:25 | = 563445b6.rev.stofanet.dk
And also some Vox AC30 schematics... 

ADMIN |  27.01.2010, 21:40:53 |  Info@AudioSchematics.dk = 563445b6.rev.stofanet.dk
Just uploaded a bunch of Fender Schematics..... 

Shawn |  12.01.2010, 12:10:19 |  diddy12@hotmail.com = 98.1c.364a.static.theplanet.com
Hi - Im looking for Tascam 38 schematics. I saw you have one on your site and thought maybe you have the servicemanual?