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Magnetic Tape Restoration





In the 80's some tape manufactors made magnetic tapes of sonic good quality but poor physical quality! I have restored a lot of Ampex 456 tapes from this period in my 'oven' which is a hair dryer and a thermometer. 6-7 hours at 50 degrees Celsius will take the water out of the glue and in almost every case the tapes will be OK for harddisk recording. I do not have tape recorders for every size of tape, but ½" with DBX noise redudtion is no problem. Old cassette tapes and vinyl can be restored too. 


www.audioschematics - dryer box

See the thermometer on the left, the hairdryer on the right and on the back there are some ventilation holes. This is simple and cheap Magnetid Tape Restoration!


 www.audioschematics.dk inside the box

Inside the box. 'Hovering' tape.


When material is sampled through an AD converter, it is possible to remove a lot of the tape hiss and after that a normal mastering in 64 bit environment can be applied. Linear Phase eq. and Linear phase compression, real tube or tube emulation, maximizing and limiter takes over from here.

Here are some examples of a 4 track amateur recording, mixed down on Chrome cassette and copied to another Chrome cassette and stuffed away in a wet basement for 25 years:









 Eufobia  Eufobia
 Clastrofobi  Clastrofobi
 Polle Pep  Polle Pep
 Børn og Kaniner  Børn og Kaniner
 Video  Video