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Privacy Policy





AudioSchematics offers a number of services. Schematics download, mastering and restoration of old recordings and an opportunity to ask questions on the blog. The use of any information found at www.AudioSchematics.dk is your responsibility.


Collection of information

No data is registered when visiting this site. Downloads are not registered either.

If you post in the blog  your IP address wil be registrered and if you post your mail address, name and a message these informations will be stored. E-mail addresses are not shown in public and no information what so ever will be transferred to anyone. Any information collected by AudioSchematics will be treated confidentially.


Security policy

We are very concerned about security and all downloads have been checked for virus. Actually download format is PDF, TXT or JPG which are not exposed to viruses.



We do not use Cookies.



We can not guarantee the validity  of links on www.AudioSchematics.dk and the content of the sites we link to are not our responsibility, but we keep an open eye on them all to make sure that the links work.


Notification of changes in Privacy Policy

Changes in Privacy Policy is published here. This way it will always be possible to keep yourself informed on how your information is used by us.






EU directive on protection of privacy: