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Roland SRV2000





I bought my first Roland SRV3000 in 1986. The price when it hit the market was app. 20.000 Dkr. or 3.000 US$. I bought my first unit for 1500 US$, the next for 500 US$ and the third for 100 US$. These units are highly underestimated. They deliver excellent reverb on drums including gated reverbs.

Sometimes they work great on human voices as well as piano and guitar. It operates in 16 bits in and out and the frequency reange is 'only' 30 to 10000 hz and I believe that is the main reason why they sound so very natural. Real reverb does not include higher frequencies anyway. This units sounds great in the low frequencies and has a lot of them! So I often use the internal parametriq eq. to cut the low end unless I use it on a lonely voice or instrument. They produce a lot of heat and that is why I did mount them one unit apart from each other. I have had the first one since 1986 (21 years) and none of them has ever failed. Not even the battery!


These units has a lot of potential and a lot of parameters to adjust. Press and hold the Equalizer button and the Write button while powering on. This will change start mode from standard level mode to further level mode. Here it is possible to make the unit sound fatter or thinner. This is a brilliant and very useful option. I needed some experimenting to find my sounds. One of my units has thin setup and another has the fat setup and the one I use for drums has a fat setup too.



The SRV2000 has an undocumented feature. Press and hold the Reverb/Non Linear button, the Write button and the Room Simulate button while powering on and the unit suddenly works as a mono delay. It has to be in the Non Linear mode to adjust parameters. Max delaytime is 450ms.


The unit has no balanced in nor has it any balanced out so I bought a cheap DI box to convert the output to balanced and boost the signal little before the long travel back to the desk and this little operation made it (in my setup) sound even better. This also elliminate groundloops.

Go to the Download section:Manuals:Effects and download manual and other SRV2000 documents.