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Electronic Audio Schematics

Pro Audio Service Manuals Download

Here you can download pro audio schematics, Free electronic diagrams and pro audio equipment service manuals for FREE. The data base is regularly updated with new music schematics and if you have some electronic schematics you think others find useful you can send them to: Info(@)AudioSchematics.dk.

I am aiming at no less than making www.AudioSchematics.dk the biggest online supplier of FREE Pro Audio Electronic Schematics and Electronic Diagrams! You can also take a look at our Audio Mastering Page or check out how to repair your musical instruments and audio gear.



Repair Your LCD Monitor Yourself!

In this place, there are 3 levels of service:>

1. This is not a commercial enterprise. Downloads of pro audio schematics are for fun and for free.

2. If you have some schematics or pro audio equipment service manuals then consider sending them to me and I will upload them to share with the world.

3. Who do you think is paying for that kind of freedom…? Well, I do! For the most part anyway. Apart from schematics download Service level 3 also covers commercial recording, mastering, scoring, speak, sound restoration, and a few other things. Mostly a mix of computer services, repair, creative coaching, musical psychotherapy, meditation, martial arts, weather forecasting, and other expensive prophecies.
Now you know your rank in the hierarchy, please feel free to move around and look at these pages and if you want to know more than I have offered here, please read rule no. 4 below.

4. You can call me any time but I will probably not (always) answer if you call before noon. In the unlikely event that I should owe you some money, I will not answer the phone at all.
My number is +45 28 94 68 00

Mail: Info(@)AudioSchematics.dk

Peace, love and sonic harmony!

We got schematics from Fender, Crest, Gibson, Hafler, Hagström, Mackie, Otari, Marshall, Roland, Selmer, Vox, SpectraSonic, Allen & Heath, D&R, Amek, Calrec, Neve, Saber, Soundcraft, Peavey, Studiomaster, Trident, Binson, Crybaby, Boss, Morley, Orban, Lexicon, Hammond, Moog, B&O, Oktavia, Sennheiser, AKG, Altec, JBL, Boss, DBX, Aphex, Ashley, Alesis, Tascam, Urei, Neutrik, Schlumberger, Ashly, Lexicon, Revox, Carwin, Jensen, Yamaha, Scully, Fairlight, Elam, Sirius, Opcode, Behringer, DOD, SoundBlaster, MultiSound, Terratec…