I wanted to build a couple of G1176 but I ended up with 4 because I wanted to have some to use in the mixing process. It is a fairly simple project and the wiring takes about the same time as the rest of the work. For more details visit: http://mnats.net/1176.html and www.groupdiy.dk http://www.audioschematics.dk workshop

The Workshop

  http://www.audioschematics.dk g1176 inside

G1176 inside

  http://www.audioschematics.dk g1176 front

4 x G1176

  Note that the frontpanels are not the exact same color. Even thought it is the exact same design Benckler is not able to reproduce the exact same color in different batches. http://www.audioschematics.dk g1176 up

4 x G1176