Schematic Design Tools

Schematics and PCB.

I have been into the music and electronics industry since 1974 and as a result of this I co-founded in 1986 together with a friend.

Today the company is run by Arvid Thorndal and he does a real great job taking care of my NordCad ‘baby’. NordCad was the company that threw Orcad products on the market in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Greenland and has been doing it for 24 years now. Pads PCB became a part of the business too and later on Cadence Bought OrCad and now Allegro is included in the product line.

DipTrace has a great product too. Especially because they offer an almost fully functional demo which easily can be used for drawing smaller schematics and PCBs.

I have used it a lot because I like the word ‘FREE’!

Or you might wanna try FreePCB:

I haven’t tried these but if you do and if you make a short review and send it to me I will post it here along with a link to your site: